The London Russian Ballet School

London Russian Ballet School was founded by Evgeny Goremykin, former principal of the Bolshoi Theatre. It is the only school in Great Britain to teach and use the Russian system of training exclusively in every aspect of its work. LRBS believes it is perfectly possible to produce great dancers in England. It is this fundamental respect for the Russian system that marks out the school in its pursuit of artistic and technical excellence.

All photographs taken by Martin Bell Photography

LRBS is planning to offer the same eight year ballet education programme as that of the great Russian ballet schools. At the moment LRBS trains students in vocational programmes from ten years of age. These courses become full time from the age of sixteen and include academic A-level studies.

In line with the Russian system, Character Dance is taught by specialist teachers from the Russian stage and the scenic character dance of the Russian theatre repertory. These classes are compulsory for vocational students. Character dance is vital for a thorough understanding of many classical ballet roles. A ballet, such as Raymonda, needs this foundation to enable a ballerina to fill her role with nuance and understanding, to make sense of every gesture.

All photographs taken by Martin Bell Photography

The school also works devotedly with adult amateurs and young children of all ages alongside its teaching of more professional students. These students are warmly welcomed and encouraged to attend as regularly as possible. They are invited to watch rehearsals, classes and coaching as these enrich their own personal enjoyment and sense of fulfillment.

LRBS and its charity Kids Love Lambeth carry out outreach work in the local community of Lambeth as part of the belief that ballet is for all. Several young vocational students are here in LRBS as a result of this outreach work. The charity teaches ballet clubs, performs in local schools and offers free seats at theatre performances for young Lambeth children.

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For more information, please visit the school’s website:


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